Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bow Tie Guy of the Day: Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale (bəˈlo͞ogə (h)wāl)

I have been aware of the Beluga Whale for some time. I love the size of their foreheads. It is called a melon and it can change shape which allows them to make facial expressions. They are related to the Narwhal.  The Narwhal Bow tie Guy can be seen here.

The Beluga whale is threatened by ocean noise and oil and gas development. For more information on the Beluga Whale and what you can do to make a difference go to the World Wildlife Federation website.

I love doing this project. I have discovered so many new and different animals. They are all so unique, beautiful, and odd. This makes me appreciate the world we live in more and more. It is so amazingly diverse. It is remarkable how interconnect everything is as well. The more I draw, the more I learn. The more I learn the more grateful I am for the world we live in and for the blessings we have received from God.

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