Thursday, September 29, 2011

26 of 100 Bow Ties in 100 Days or Less (stripes)

? (?)
I was drawing and this came out. I have been working on a tiger, sloth, and jackalope and I guess they got squashed together in my mind. I don't know where the helicopter head came from. I am not sure what to call it at this point so if you have any ideas send them my way.
In looking at this I thought it would be good for Illustration Friday's word “Stripes.”

73 more to go.


LockChuck said...


Barclay said...

Thank you for the suggestion.

Cindy D. said...

Well, clearly that's a tigaslothocopter. And so cute and well done. :)

caela said...

hehe I love the fact you got inspired by a few different animals :D it looks great :) but he looks soo sad bless him :D