Monday, September 26, 2011

21 of 100 Bow ties in 100 Days or Less (ferocious)

Deinonychus (ˈnänikəs)

This dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period has a name that means “terrible claw.” I am doing this in connection with this week’s word from Illustration Friday. Every Friday they post a word and you have a week to post something that relates to it. This week’s word is ferocious. In thinking about the word, I really need to work on illustrating the man-eating sheep I had a dream about a few years ago though.

If you are enjoying these share it with friends, follow the blog and/or give feedback. I welcome ideas for new bow tie guys.

78 more to go


eric said...

came across this from illustration friday, and i rather like the premise of your weblog. have you considered a pig, potbellied or otherwise, as a bow tie wearing dandy?

Barclay said...

Thank you for the comment. I have a pig in process. I am hoping it will be completed tomorrow.

deer prudence said...

well … who doesn’t like a well dressed predator?

Barclay said...

The Pig is posted.