Tuesday, June 16, 2020

More Coloring Pages fro VPR

Here are two more coloring pages that were illustrated for the VPR's But Why? A Podcast for Curious Children. This is  for the episode “Do Animals Get Married?” 

In addition to listening to the episode, I did further research to find that in addition to rats and chimpanzees, dogs laugh as well. I also found a way to include a bow tie for the hornbill wedding. It just made sense.

“But Why” is a podcast that take s all types of curious children's questions from all around the world and then spends about a half asking experts to answer the questions.

The coloring pages are now available to be down loaded and colored at their blog here. In the future they will be available at the actual site of the pod cast.

 I will be coloring them myself soon.

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