Monday, May 4, 2020

Finishing a Project

About a month ago, I received a call from Vermont Public Radio asking if I would be interested in illustrating a number of coloring pages for their international podcast, “But Why.” They received my name from another incredible individual and illustrator Ginny Joyner.  You never know where work will come from.

I jumped at the opportunity and upon request recommended other local illustrators, including some of my graduates and students to also help with the project. It has been a joy to work on.

“But Why” is a podcast that take s all types of curious children's questions from all around the world and then spends about a half asking experts to answer the questions.

The two above are for the episodes “Are Unicorns Real?” and “Why Do Elephants Have Trunks, and Why do Giraffes Have Purple Tongues?” I will be positing more over the coming weeks. I still have three episodes to finish. Many of them are now available to be down loaded and colored at their blog here. In the future they will be available at the actual site of the pod cast.

 I will be coloring them myself soon.

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