Monday, September 10, 2018

Wallace Tripp (1940-2018)

In 2011 I had the idea to contact one of my favorite illustrators, Wallace Tripp, and invite him to exhibit in the Quimby Gallery at what is now Northern Vermont University. This is a man who's illustrations probably had the most influence on me and my work, and it was only one book that I had and devoured (I have since found more). I love his humor, his wit, and intelligence.

Yesterday, I received word that he passed away at the age of 78. words cannot express how grateful I am to have met him and to have seen his great illustrations. I have been reflecting a great deal on the importance of allowing yourself to be influenced and to have heroes. The importance of taking a leap and asking your heroes to be a part of your life, even if it is for a brief moment, and even if you are deathly afraid of the outcome. I have been thinking of the importance of giving back to others and sharing what you have found.

Wally was a great illustrator, He did all of these things for me and for others. I am glad I was able to tell him what he did for me.

Here is some of his wisdom:

“The experienced illustrator subscribes to the principle of the application of the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair. Should inspiration whisk don your chimney, be at your table.”

“Illustrators are word people who happen to draw. We work with one foot in a book, the other stuck in a paint pot. Our Shoes are a disgrace.”

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