Tuesday, October 4, 2011

29-34 of 100 Bow Ties in 100 Days or Less

Flying Monkey Juggling an Eggplant, a Green Chili, Broccoli, a Jack-O'-Lantern, and a wedge of Cheese (ˈflī-i ng, ˈmə ng kē, ˈjəgəl ing, ˈegˌplant, grēn ˈ ch ilē, ˈbräk(ə)lē, ˈjak ə ˌlantərn, ch ēz)

There is little that is better in this world than cheese and green chilies (the ones from New Mexico). My children had thought it would be funny for me to do a Broccoli Bow Tie Guy (I was tormented as a child with the nickname. Some times the similarities between me and Lt Barclay of Star Trek the Next Generation are frightening). I couldn't just draw a monkey. It needed wings.

65 left (unless my math is off)

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