Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bow Tie Guy of the Week-Wolpertinger

Wolpertinger (wōl pər tiNG ər)

A mythological winged rabbit with horns and fangs that inhabits the alpine forests of Bavaria in Germany. This is the third part of my rabbit series.

I work on these for a number of reasons. Yes, I log bow ties, but it is also a quick way for me to practice drawing different things and explore use of color. I also use these drawings as part of my personal brand. They appear on my business cards and on my correspondence with potential clients.

I also have many wonderful competing demands on my time. As much as I love to draw, my family, faith, and students, and others take precedence. working on these allows me to better dedicate the time I need to others and still draw on a regular basis. When I do have time to work on a more complete illustration I have not let my drawing skills slide because I am still drawing a little on a daily basis. This Bow Tie Guy project has been a great way to keep my drawing skills up.

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