Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Reworking a past personal project and other thoughts on productivity

I have set some goals again to do more art work. Overall, I have been good about making time to draw on a daily basis. The next step is to complete more illustrations. This is proving to be more difficult as my day gets away from me often because of other responsibilities. I find that scheduling an hour or so a day to work is really helpful.

Today I started to rework one of the “A is for Alliteration” illustrations as it was just not working. This one is for the letter B. The first time I worked on it, it was too rushed. Now I am spending time making sure I am happy with how I am depicting different characters. Trying to get the positioning of the elephant with the bagpipes was proving to be rather difficult. The best way to solve it is through multiple sketches. Trying different things.

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