Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weekly Bow tie Guy- Giant Panda

Giant Panda (ˈjīənt ˈpandə)

It could be argued that the giant panda is one of the most recognizable endangered species due largely to the World Wildlife Federation's use of the giant panda as their logo. 

Humans are their greatest threat through deforestation and fragmentation of forests due to roads and railroads. This isolates the pandas form one another and makes it difficult to propagate the species. Currently there are just over 1,800 pandas in the wild.  To put this in perspective the population for the town I live in was 5,981 in 2010. I live in a small town. The college I teach at has a student population of 1,300. 

For more information on the Giant Panda and what you can do to help go to the WWF website.

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