Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Illustrator Unveils Daring New Direction in Art Work

Artist, Illustrator, Barclay Tucker unveiled his latest work earlier today to applause and wonder. The boldness and reaction to his latest body of art literally broke the Internet. Mike Dente head IT guy at Lyndon State College was alarmed. “All of the servers in a small region of the North East Kingdom were overloaded by the demand to see this new work. It shut the system down.”

Tucker said of this new work, “I had been doing the bow tie thing for a long time. It was getting trite. I needed to find something artistically challenging.” He mentions that in creating this new look he went back to the art he was creating in the early seventies. “I realized that was who I really was as an artist. There was a rawness and an innocence that I had lost.” Even with the rejuvenating work Tucker says “process of making these illustrations is exhausting. I spend days agonizing over each stroke, every color, but it is worth it.”

The Editor of the papers said that they could use these for such topical issues as getting a new traffic light in town to articles about global warming. “Their versatility is amazing.”

Tucker’s reaction to the popularity of this new work was humble and appreciative, “I am excited about the response, I had considered moving on to neck ties, but I felt there wasn’t a market for it. This type of illustration is universal. It speaks to the issues of today. I have The Caledonia Record and LSC’s Critic beating on my door to use these illustrations in their editorials.“

If you have any questions or want to purchase prints of his work please contact the artist via e-mail.

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Mark said...

Bold, yet not overstated or pretentious. Truly a new era is upon us.