Friday, May 4, 2012

What if I designed the Avengers?

A few months ago my older brother suggested I illustrate my childhood heros as if I had the opportunity to design them. With the opening of The Avengers today, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to start. I have been a comic book reader for years and only stopped because the cost was getting to high.

The one comic I consistently collected was the Avengers (I have every issue, some reprints, up until the last few years). Needless to say I am somewhat excited about the movie. I replaced Hawkeye with The Vision (he's the red guy at the bottom) because I couldn't do an illustration of the Avengers without him. He is my all time favorite superhero. He is Spock and Data combined and then some because he can walk through walls as well. I remember the day I was at the local drug store and saw him in a comic and thought he was so cool. The Hulk was another favorite of mine. I think because he was so misunderstood. I could relate to that.

In my redesign, I tried to think of the characters that would actually wear bow ties. It just didn't seem to fit Thor, Captain America or Black Widow. The suspenders worked for the first two. Thor was strongly influenced by the mechanic in the movie Adventures of Babysitting.

This all emphasizes my realization that I am a big geek.


Nan B. said...

Hi Barkley, I've been following your posts and you always have something
delightful or humorous to say, you don't resemble anything near a geek, your great sense of humor,disqualifies you from "geekness"

Unknown said...

I never knew this creation was made! Where do you hide all this stuff? Signed, your wife