Friday, December 9, 2011

97 of 100 Bow Ties in 100 Days or Less

Giraffe (jəˈraf)
The internet access is currently spotty on campus today. I managed in the hectic end of the semester insanity to find a computer that works to post for today. I am not counting the sloth as I have already done one.

3 left.


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Best giraffe ever.

Barclay said...

Thank you. It was fun to draw.

Kat said...

I am super into this project! I've gone through at least half of them so far and don't intend to stop! I'm pretty convinced that this is one of my favorites for basically the same reason you drew the elephant... Giraffes are just so gosh darned kooky-lookin'. Have you ever seen a baby giraffe? They're basically the most ridiculous thing to have ever come into existence!!! Anyway, this is a cool idea.

P.S. I also super dig the hydra.