Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A few weeks ago I took my art history class to the MET. This is just a quick sketch of one of the Rembrandt self portraits.

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I found an app which would be useful to artists and i thought i would include it here

When talking about masters, there is no one that could compare to the work of Rembrandt. It was this name that singly created the Dutch Golden Age. His works are absolutely impressive, his painting styles varying but still capturing a breathtaking and unique stylistic experience. His work up to this day still inspires a lot of people and many are still looking and analyzing and becoming educated by looking at his works. While his paintings are world renowned, his paintings are equally awe inspiring. Drawings: Rembrandt offers more than 100 etchings, lithographs and drawings done by the master.

The app is categorized in various themes that are very much revisited by the artist throughout his lifetime. His works are really brilliant and they are very detailed. His etchings are undeniably brilliant and they are worthy of a second look. This app covers pretty much all the themes of Rembrandt. He looked into aspects like religion, landscapes, nudes, people and he has several self portraits. Another great reason for having this app is the amount of detail that is present in this piece of art.

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Studying Rembrandt's drawings is as complex as analyzing his works. This is because his drawings are absolutely stunning and full of detail. You will find it hard to imitate or even get near to its quality. Overall, this app offers you a whole new way to see rare prints and drawings that we might be able to see only by going to Amsterdam in Rembrandt's home.