Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wallace Tripp Opening

It was an honor and a privilege to host the Wallace Tripp, Illustrator exhibit at the Quimby Gallery this last Friday. I was able to meet an illustrator that has had a great influence on my work. His illustrations are truly a reflection of the man-intelligent, witty, and kind. He is a master illustrator. Above are some photos of Wallace and my family at the opening reception.

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Sweet Enemy said...

Hello Barclay,

Thank you for hosting that exhibit, I had never seen Mr. Tripp's original work in person!
My friend and I made the trek out from Underhill to see it one cold and bleary Monday. The only hiccup was that no one had opened the gallery for the afternoon, but a passing maintenance man let us in and gave us a half-hour or so to do our viewing.

Still, it was worth the drive and we really enjoyed what we saw. My friend had never heard of him before, whereas I had grown up with "A Great Big Ugly Man." I hope that maybe there will be another exhibit of his before too long (maybe at the Carle in Amherst?) because he really is a master.

Thanks again!