Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekly Bow Tie Guy

Tenebrous (ˈtenəbrəs)
Meaning dark, gloomy, shadowy, or obscure. This is the third assignment for one of the illustration classes I teach. These ameba like creatures have been dancing around in my head and sketch book for the past few years. I do not think it will be the last of them. I was happy to finally get something out there though. My classes comment on this was that I can't draw something that looks scary. I have to agree (I have been to greatly influenced by the muppets). I created it more as a mystery. What are these aliens doing? Are they abducting him or just helping him brush his teeth?

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Mike K said...

Barclay, I see something different. I saw it as several over grown amoeba examining a human like they do to them all the time. I thought it was pretty funny.